Exhibitions 展訊

Installation 展覽

Red Dot Miami, Art Basel, 2019.


"Pursuit of the Unseen in Photography", Solo Art Show, Gallatin Galleries, 2019

Press: https://wp.nyu.edu/gallatingalleries/past-shows/past-shows-2017/xinxin-zhang-september-2019/

Press: https://gallatin.nyu.edu/utilities/events/2019/09/CinematicPortraits.html

"Cinematic Portraits", Gallatin Arts Festival, 2019

Press: https://confluence.gallatin.nyu.edu/sections/portfolio/the-cinematic

"Objects and Desire", Gallatin Arts Festival, 2018
"Art. etc. " Gallatin, 2018.
"Private Visits", Gallatin Arts Festival, 2017

Features 自媒體:

Musée Magazine Women Crush Wednesday, click here

Publication 歷年發表

PhotoVogue via Vogue Italia, click for profile. 

“The Mood of Quarantine Times", C-Heads Magazine, April 2020 click here

"Clothed/Naked Maja", Art of Nude, Issue. 16. Pt.6 
"Blurred Lines", Dreamingless Magazine: Issue 52. May/June Issue. 
"Winter Sun", Flanelle Magazine "The Unity Issue". Apr 2020 Print. 
"Renaissance Woman", Solstice Magazine. Issue 34: Spring/Summer Vol. 1. 
"After Hour", Creators Magazine: Feb 2020, click here
"As I Am", La Botanica Magazine, Dec 2019, click here
"Dust and (sun)Light", Creators Magazine: ICONIC | December Vol.2, Issue 22, Nov 2019, click here.
"L'ingénue Fantastique", Art of Portrait: Issue 34, September 2019.
"Just Looking", Off the Rails Magazine, Sep 2019, Issue 14 "A Western Romance", click here.
"Garden of Tao", Creators Magazine, Aug 2019, Print Issue New Angle.
“Le Weekend", C-heads Magazine, Aug 2019, click here.
"Disco Album 101", Creators Magazine, Jul 2019, click here.
"Shy Shine", Vulkan Magazine, Jul 2019, click here.
"Aurora Borealis", Vulkan Magazine, Jun 2019, click here.
"Velvet Mood/ I Can’t Be Bothered Now", Picton Magazine: Special Edition, Jun 2019.
"Shay: Privacy Please", Tilted Magazine Online, May 2019.
"MID-DAY CRUISIN'", Bello Magazine, May 2019, click here.
"Out of the Blue", Solstice Magazine Issue 26: Spring/Summer Vol. 2
"Spring Melancholia", Elegant Magazine, April 2019.
"Hotel Revisit", Vulkan Magazine, Feb 2019, click here.
"Party By Myself", Vulkan Magazine, Mar 2019, click here.
"Sin City Hotel Story", Salyse Magazine, Vol. 5. No. 15. Feb. 2019
"Rockgirl Starlet", Ellements Magazine, Jan 2019, Old Hollywood Issue.
"Peyton", Art of Portrait: Art of Nude, December 2018.

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